Roya 2

Royasazan Construction Company

This beautiful project, located in the northern area with two corner facades receiving sunlight from the east, consists of 6 floors with 8 residential units and three commercial units. It was designed and executed by the Royasazan group and was inaugurated in 2017. The main entrance of the building, beautifully designed and eye-catching, entices every viewer to enter the structure.

The first to fourth floors of this project consist of single-unit residential apartments, while the fifth and sixth floors consist of two-unit residential apartments. The single-unit apartments feature large and beautiful living spaces illuminated by direct sunlight, creating a beautiful view and interior space for the residents, with their curved shape facing towards the street.

The large kitchen of this unit, with direct access from the living room and benefiting from direct sunlight, along with having a separate terrace, provides a comfortable and beautiful space for the residents. One of the distinguishing features of this building compared to others is its panoramic elevator with glass walls, allowing residents to enjoy the outside views while using the elevator. Creative facade design, volumetrics, attention to detail, and appropriate use of various materials in the facade are among the beautiful features of this project’s facade.

A 8-unit apartment building with 6 floors consisting of two-bedroom units of 90, 120 square meters and three-bedroom units of 210 square meters.
8 residential units and 3 commercial units on the ground floor.
Project start date: 2015
Project delivery date: December 2016
Address: Basij Boulevard, 2nd Street.

  • Parquet flooring
  • Full MDF cabinets equipped with hood, sink, and gas stove
  • False ceiling and lighting
  • Virtual sky
  • Facade lighting
  • Wallpaper
  • Central vacuum cleaner
  • Glass panoramic elevator
  • Roof garden and greenhouse on the rooftop
  • Bathtub and jacuzzi
  • Integrated sound system installation
  • RFID electronic locks
  • Electronic fire alarm system


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